Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Snow, really?

So it snowed today. Yep that's right, snow! I really hope that's it and warm weather is around the corner. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

Easter was very nice. I had to work that morning but went to Mom's after. Dad and I hid plastic eggs for Kaylie. It was fun watching her look for them. She got so excited when she found one.

Here's a picture of Dad, Kim, and Kaylie.

As promised here are some pictures. Easter day-Kaylie roasting marshmallows Kalyie making cupcakes for everyone- and Kaylie hunting for eggs. She had a blast. Of course she wanted to know why she couldn't see the Easter bunny. I told her a silly story about how I tried to tackle the bunny so she could see him. But he disappeared because he didn't like being tackled. You know what she told me... "Aunt Tonya you shouldn't tackle the Easter time don't do that. Then I can see him." She's so cute.
Here's Kaylie's new swing that Papa Ben spent all day putting together. She loves it.

Well I hope everyone else's Easter was as nice as ours :) Have a great night.

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