Friday, June 22, 2007


I can not believe I won something. Check out this kick ass site: Skulls. That's me!!! Sorry I'm just way tooooooo excited! And yes I would still think it's a great site even if I hadn't won. LOL

Other news, like that's not enough. I had to work today :( It was a little crazy because thunderstorms came rolling through. So that made things a little interesting.

Not much else going on. I will get a pic of me with my new glasses sometime this week. And yes I'll post it no matter how bad I think it looks.

Night night :p


Kelli said...

those were some horrible storms! Congrats on your win, what did you get?

tonya said...

not sure yet. Looks like a whole lot of fun stuff. I'm sure your dh will tell ya about crazy work.

joanne smith said...

hi tonya ... congrats on your win! how cool!
thanks for posting on my blog ... i'm working on my cards, the cover and page one ... tomorrow!! have a great weekend!