Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy August!

I know I love the month of August because my Birthday is right around the corner. But I'm also sad when August rolls around. It means summer is almost over. And now that Christian and I live in Iowa it means COLD weather is right around the corner. But oh well, no need to mope around ;)

While I was getting gas the other day I saw this. I thought it was funny. Hope you do too. If not......oh well. Made me laugh.

Gotta go to work tomorrow, yuck! But gotta work to keep up my life style. LOL

C-ya later! (if YOU are lucky, lol)


Julie said...

That is way funny!!!

Silje Røe Hagland said...

Thanks for the comment! Had to check out your blog too! :)
That picture is SO funny, i cant stop smiling!!

Presentstorm said...

LOL that is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing.