Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This and That

I love these! They are Texas toothpicks from the Big Steer in Altoona (yes in Iowa). YUMMY. Just had to share, LOL.

Christian with his Grandparents in Oklahoma. I do have other photos but not sure if I can show them. They are of Christian and his Aunt and nieces. (I didn't get permission, oops)

Look what I got. Sorry Brandy, I didn't want to get the same bag as yours. I mean.....that would be rude! LOL, I love it. Plus Christian helped me pick it out. I was torn between this one and 2 others. It helped that this one was 30% off. I think the sales lady rang it up for 40% off though. Lucky me :)

Chat at ya later.


BR@NDY said...

I LOVE HER! The bag is great! I think my bag and your bag should meet. Looks like she carrying some extra baggage aka the wallet. LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...


Tracey said...

oooooooooooooo now that is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, lucky you - ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barb said...

Okay. I think that I"m going to need to get a new bag before our Girls Vaca. Then my bag can hang out with your bag and Brandy's bag.

pdxscrappinmamma said...

What in the world are those Texas toothpicks? Meat? Fun bag.