Friday, January 11, 2008

Okay BRANDY.....

I'm finally updating! Yes my sweet friend Brandy tells me I need to update, so here it is.

I've been taking a photo a day. Just for fun, no real reason behind it. Just thought I'd follow the crowd and see what the big deal is....well I'm still not sure what all the hoopla is all about. But I'm going to post my photos here. Now I'm going to warn you...there are a couple that I don't like but I just took because I needed a photo. So if you're going to be rude and leave a shitty comment don't bother...MOVE ALONG to someone else's blog. Now for the rest of've been warned, LOL.


I love this necklace! Christian's Dad gave it to me when we were in Guam. The coral (orange part) use to be used as currency in Guam. So cool.


I really like this it's called kadun pika. YUMMY!


Okay I hate this photo. But it proves that I need to get back into my workouts.


I thought this would be funny. I feel like such a dork in these, but gotta be safe.


This is a photo of the weather tower in Des Moines. It tells you what to expect. For example: green means no change foreseen.


This is sweet Buster playing with his frog. Grandpa and Grandma Steely gave it to him, he loves it.


One of them is all mine, LOL.


This was taken at the Asian food store downtown. Baby Octopuses, weird.


Yes I'm a Photoshop dummy! LOL, But I'm trying not to be :)


Having a blast with Brandy. Christian was at work so we had to figure out a way to get a photo of us. So here it is, LOL.

Okay so I'm updated now. I will TRY to update more, but you know how I am...Who knows when I'll get to it. Oh and sorry about all of these........................LOL.
I'm out!


Steph said...

Um, if that's your "I need to work out photo" I am going to hide under a rock. That would be my "Look how amazing I am-- and I have abs!" photo!

scrappinpa said...

I love all the photos! Sure wish I could see my ab muscles again!

Janet said...

Great photos!

AgilityIG said...

Hee Hee... I love your pics! Hmmm... favorites: you in the glasses, the pic of your dinner (I don't know why, but I love pics people take of their food!), and, of course, Buster - looking handsome as always!!

Barb said...

Lovin' the photos, Tonya.
And hooray for Girls' Weekend.

scrapperlicious said...

great shots Tonya! Love that pic of you too!

Rebecca said...

Back into your workout, girl? You are crazy! I would die for those abs! Great photos!

Jane said...

cool shots!!

BR@NDY said...

We all have a little photoshop dummie in us all. BTW...that photo looks like it worked on the first try...LOL.

6 DAYS!!!

Sandie Dunn said...

Love the photos! That's a great update. Wow you're in great shape! Wish my tummy still looked like that! Oh, and your pooch is still just as cute as ever! And, love the lockers shot! Very cool. ;o)

Leigh Anne said...

I love that necklace too! very nice, and it's got a story ;) let's not even get into the abs ;)