Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Caution: lots of photos

Here is an update on my daily photos.


This is what time I got home that night from work. That is AM. Yuck!


More snow! Buster was outside playing.


The bill from the vet. I hope this treatment works, cuz that's alot of money to waste if it doesn't.


Again with the damn snow! Sorry, but I'm ready for spring.

Hot chocolate, makes the cold days better.

I got these in Japan. I love them. Wish I could find more.

I love my bed. So cozy.

I'm addicted! You should read them, you will love them.

The temp outside.

I thought this would make a nice photo. (where I work)

My favorite wine, yummy.

This is how you open corned beef. If you don't like it, sorry. But I grew up eating it with eggs. Christian and I eat it with rice. Yummy.

Happy Valentine's day. My dad sent me this cute bear.

Had to take Buster back to the vet for a check up.

I got a typewriter off ebay. I really like it. I didn't get it for $4, like Brandy did. But I didn't pay very much :)

We've been thinking of Guam for a while now. It might be because we don't like winter here. Or maybe we just miss Christian's family. Or both!

Work photo again. Sorry but I do spend 40 hours a week here.

That's about it. Hope all is well with you. Bye, bye.


BR@NDY said...

Ummm...why didn't you call me about the typewriter? I have been going to goodwill every time I go to the grocery store. You better not have paid more than $20.00. Patience my little catapillar! I know you are so moving. When? Break it to me easy! Oh and I got our tickets in the mail yesterday!

em said...

My favorite is the snowy tree! And I'm total jealous about that typewriter! :)

AgilityIG said...

Glad to see more pics!! I always find them so entertaining! Hot Chocolate always makes my day - especially with whipped cream! Love the bed and the dolls! I ADORE Janet Evanovich!! LMAO reading her books. Keep up those pics!!

Josie said...

Love seeing your daily pics!
Congrats on your typewriter...I know you will have fun with it : )