Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Playing catch up... (LOTS of photos)

67/366I wear these ugly things almost every day. But they are good for snow, and I don't have to worry about them getting messed up.

66/366Brandy modeling some wonderful, stylish sunglasses. Had such a blast with her.

65/366Sweet Buster taking a nap. I like how his ear is sticking up.

64/366The red robin dude. YUMMY burgers.

63/366This is a sign that's on the building where I work.

62/366Buster killed another Bo Bo. He only had this one for less than a day.

61/366I really like my cell phone. I just wish I could remember to charge it.

60/366My homemade clip it up. I love it! Plus it was less than $30 to make.

59/366I REALLY wanted this. But I didn't get it... Might make my own.

58/366Homemade crème brûlée, yummy.

57/366I'm addicted to Martha Stewart craft stuff from Michaels.

56/366Seriously, more snow? LOL, can you tell I'm sick of it?

55/366Finished another Janet Evanovich book.

54/366Buster and I just chilling.

53/366Yummy chips and Salsa.

Buster loves Fanta just as much as I do.

51/366Inspiration at Khols.

More snow!


debra lynn said...

You certainly remember to charge your camera--lol! Great photos.

Lori said...

love the shoes and the pug and the snow pictures and the homemade clip-it-up and and great pictures!