Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hot mess!

So I've been MIA for awhile now, sorry. I've just had a few things going on. I stopped taking photos for awhile. Just got bored with a photo a day. Plus during my work week I really don't have much to share. But I do have a few to share. Starting from recent to older, enjoy.

Went to dinner and went to see this show with Brandy. Such a blast, highly recommended.

My sweet Buster eating ice, he loves it. Maybe more than treats.

At the time I thought this was funny. Now I'm not sure why....

My care packages for some troops in Afghanistan. If you would like to send some stuff to them just email me.

Christian's new cup for his tea. Got it 1/2 off! Gotta love that.

Just one of my x-rays that I've had done in the last couple weeks. YUCK!

Our new favorite restaurant. LOVE this place, so good.

We finally got another wii. I like watching Christian play Super Mario Galaxy.

Well NO dairy for me. My Doctor said no more :( So now I have to stick with fake ice cream. It wasn't too bad.

This is a crazy pill I had to take. Weird huh?!?!

Christian took me here after my disappointing doctors appointment. It was pretty good. Too bad I couldn't have cheese on my coney...

Don't ever get one of these. They suck. Mostly because it leaks and way too much foam.

I really like it when Christian cooks. So yummy. Plus I'm a sucker for food photos, LOL.

I so wish I would have won!!!

My very small collection of corks.

Plus here are a few new scrappy things:

A old photo of me, my brother, and my cousins. I used the Studio Calico kit.

I did this on my favorite ice cream, yummy.

Me and my brother. Miss him dearly.

Hope you enjoyed all the photos. I'll chat at ya later :)


em said...

fun photos and great layouts!!

AgilityIG said...

Hey T! I always LOVE your photos - you make the everyday things so fun!! I think you guys have the same glasses that we do!!

BR@NDY said...

Hey there! I love that you are getting all scrappy, but I hate you are getting all scrappy without me. (pouty lip) Those pills are freaky looking. Weird stuff. Miss you! Muah!

Lori said...

love those layouts and pictures!!

BR@NDY said...

I forgot...can you email me the first photo? SHANKS A BUNCH!

Anonymous said...

hey chickadee!!!
Long time no speak hehe
I miss everyone soo much I started a new job and now I have no time! Whats going on with you? I see xrays and pills I hope your okay! Love your photos you so silly! tell all the girls on hey for me and I miss them! hugs


Tracey said...

Great to see you back, love your new pages, cool photos too XXX

Anonymous said...

oooh, is that restaurant good? I've seen it there and thought of trying it out . . . maybe we'll have to have a hot date one of these days. :)

Your layouts are gorgeous by the way!