Thursday, August 21, 2008

If it weren't for bad luck I wouldn't have any...

Sorry it took me so long to update my dailies. Here they are:

Girls night out with Brandy.

The Olympics started.

Quick turn, meaning: I got off work late and had to go in early the next day.

Pilots were driving me crazy! SFVR is a term we use in Air Traffic, I don't want to explain.

Need I say more? LOL

Got my hair done.

I slept most of the day so I wouldn't feel the pain. Not going to explain that one either.


Christian on his 30th Birthday.

I rode my Vespa at night for the first time.

Work sucked!

I love happy mail.

Mom's Birthday.

I had to cancel my skate party. Yes I'm VERY pissed off about it. More than half the people that said they would say they can't. So I can't justify spending $200 for a party of 10. I feel bad for the one's that said they would come. Sorry guys just didn't want to pay that much. But I'm still having a party at the house. Should still be fun.

Not much else to share. Night...



em said...

I like your daily cards...and you only spent 2.22 at Archivers? And your movies are that cheap?? Awesome! ;)

BR@NDY said...

First off...holy crap these are so flippin good. Second...little bummed about the party and the douche bags that flaked out. are going to have the best b-day ever! Pinky Swear! Luv ya, MUAH!

Deb said...

The $2.22 spent at Archivers was the first thing I noticed too LOL! I won't even tell you what I spent there last weekend! Love all of your ATCs. Sorry about your birthday party. A similar thing happened to me this year. I was so excited about doing something special for my 30th, but my friends suck. Big hugs girl! Wish I was closer, I would come and hang with you!

Morgan said...

Dude, you only spent $2 at Archiver's?? I'm impressed! Not all pilots suck ;)

Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious said...

More gorgeous ATCs!! Love each of them being so creative and different!

debbie said...

way too cute ATCs bummer about the skate party :(

Marti said...

I'm with everyone else! How did you manage to only spend the $2.22 at Archivers? You're good.......very good! Love all your ATC's.

Happy Birthday to Christian and tell him 30 is NOT OLD!