Sunday, August 8, 2010

Accessorize me

Okay so I don't normally wear much jewelry. My wedding set, ALWAYS! But I rarely wear anything else. I do have cute costume jewelry but don't wear it that often. To be honest I totally forget I have it. I have a small jewelry box I got in Japan that sits on the floor of my closet. So you can see were I would forget about it right? Plus Most times when I'm getting ready for work I'm running behind so I don't have time to put makeup on let alone accessories.

But that being said.....these items make me want to wear more jewelry.

I want this ring, like right now!!!! I think I would wear it EVERYDAY! The price is nice too.
I have been wearing bracelets more, plus this would go great with my leather watch.
This is way cute! Plus can't go wrong with grey.

This ring is lovely. I love black onyx.

Very cool vintage ring.

Some crazy wing earrings made from wood. Not sure I'd wear them but they are cool.

This bracelet you wrap around your wrist, I really like it. I've noticed there are a lot of bracelets now that wrap several times around your wrist....

I'm not much of a gold fan but I do love this charm bracelet, so cute. Being an air traffic controller I pretty much love anything with airplanes on it, LOL. But speaking of charm bracelets, my Mom has one that I adore. I remember as a kid I use to try it on and hope one day I had one too. So maybe this will be it....or I might make one....

I just thought this was cute. Hubby's & my initials, awwww.

Well that's all for now. I mean I could go on and on.....but I think I'll just try and wear what I have. But I might be sporting the first ring later.......we'll see ;)

Oh and I'm going back to school soon. Well not really, but I am taking a class that starts soon. More on that in a couple days.......With that I'm out.

(See I'm doing better at posting, LOL)


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