Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fair Fun

So I've lived here for 7 years and have never been to the fair. I know, crazy. But I was determined to go this year, but hubby didn't want to go. So I enlisted some friends to go with me. My friend Ellen wanted to go to the Sheryl Crow concert, Colbie Caillat opened, so yeah I wanted to go. Plus I wanted fair food, it's the best part right? Well here are some photos of our adventure. I know I'm pretty late in posting these....I'm a tad behind.

Group photo! Thanks guys for going with me ;)

Colbie Cailat on stage, I can't believe how close we were. We bought tickets last minute...so cool.

Sheryl Crow.....

Me, C, and E....we had a blast. C made me get up and dance....I tell you Iowa folks are boring. There were only a few standing up during the concert, way weird.

Yes I'm on the phone, hubby called.....E showing her loot.

Well that's it for now. Next I'll have photos of my Florida vaca. later....


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that girl said...

Great ferris wheel photo....sounds like a great concert.