Monday, October 4, 2010

Horror Flix

To me it wouldn't be October without horror movies. I have to admit I love them.

I love yelling at the screen, well at the dumb naked/half naked bimbo about to walk right into trouble. I love that feeling you get when you know something horrible is about to happen. You know the feeling,right? Your heart rate rises, you start getting tiny beads of sweat on your upper lip, you grip your chair so hard your fingers hurt.... You don't know if you want to cover your eyes or keep watching so you don't miss a single crazy minute.

Then after the movie you can't sleep for a week because you see serial killers in the shadows. But hey that's the price you pay for the rush. For those of you that don't like scary movies (you know who you are) it's cool....just go see some heart felt holiday movie. But for those of you that are just like are a few movies that are in theaters now or will be this month.

Let me in
In theaters now
Paranormal Activity 2
In theaters Oct 22nd

Saw 3D
In theaters Oct 29th

Hatchet II
In theaters now

Case 39
In theaters now

Now ladies if you don't have a date for Halloween stay home with one of these guys, they'll keep you on the edge of your seat.

The nightmare man himself, Freddy Krueger. Nightmare on Elm Street

Halloween and Michael Myers goes hand n hand, obviously.

Last but not least....Jason Voorhees. Friday the 13th

If none of these float your boat then head over on over to this site and see the top 100 best horror films of all time. Maybe you'll see something you like.

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that girl said...

OH GEEZ.....Paranormal was one of the worst I've seen lately{and I fast forwarded thru the end}. :)