Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Favorites

I've had a cold the last 4 days so it's the little things that have made me happy this past week.

First is this crazy yummy chocolate milk. I can't drink cows milk so I use Almond milk for just about everything. But I really can't stand to drink it plain. I really do miss having a glass of milk with chocolate chip cookies. But because I can't have that I've found something better. The name says it delish!!!!

Second is my Nook color, I love this thing. It's the best, I've had it for months but I just love it so much.

My Dad got me these for my Birthday. My Step-Mom helped me pick them out, I love them. So comfy and they remind me of home every time I put them on. Just looking at them makes me smile. Silly I know, but I'm still a southern girl at heart.

These things are freaking addictive. If you haven't had the wild berry frosty shake at Wendy's then you don't know what you're missing. At first I thought it was just okay, but the next thing I knew it was all gone. I must have drank my first one in five minutes flat. Now I'm hooked....there could be worst things to be addicted to.

Last but not least, True Blood. One more episode.....then I'm saying good bye to HBO until next season.


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minna k.s. said...

How did I know you were going to include something with vampires?! I just love you!