Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favorites

Favorite new tv show...I mean who doesn't love a tough kick ass woman? Plus I love her gun! I know weird thing to love but I can't help it...Don't judge!!!!

Friends that pose for you without question....I can always count on Brandy to just go with the flow.

Hubby's Mom sent us tea for our Birthdays. Can't find this stuff here.

My sweet friend Brandy....need I say more? Okay I will. She is one talented chick, and she made me this for my Birthday....Boomer Sooner!!!!!

My friend Casey picked up this shirt for me "just because". So sweet...

Hubby's Mom got me these for my Birthday...I have a small collection now that I started when I lived in Japan.

I'm thankful for the little things when it comes to my diet......

I missed Buffalo Wild Wings Hot BBQ sauce, so hubby picked me up a bottle (I can't eat there, to much of a hassle). So I made my own boneless chicken wings and used their sauce, which is gluten free.

Esta agupa,


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