Saturday, December 9, 2006

So I finally got our Christmas cards done. It's really hard to get a family photo done. When we finally did sit down to take a few Buster didn't want to sit still. So that's why it looks like I'm choking him, but I'm not! I promise, I'm just making him look at the camera. I got the idea from Kels @ I loved her cards and decided to use her idea and make my own. So now I just have to send them out.

Not much else going on. Just working and waiting for the work week to be over, LOL. Of course my week just started, but the week usually goes by pretty quick. I have so much Christmas shopping to get done this weekend (my weekend). I'm pretty sure I've figured out what to get everyone, except for some of Christian's family. Well, off to get dressed, chat at ya later :)

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*~Taryn~* said...

Wow! Beautiful card! I didn't see Kels's, but yours look great!!