Friday, December 15, 2006

busy, busy, busy

Okay so I've been so busy Christmas shopping, decorating, and tieing up odds and ends. Sorry I haven't posted lately. Well let's see, Sunday I put together a shelf for Kaylie's room. That was.... intersting, but I think I did a good job. Monday had to work all day and night. Tuesday I slept until after noon, I love sleeping. Then went shopping at Wally world, boy do I hate going there. It's always so packed, and it seems like everyone is rude. But anyway, Wednesday we spent ALL day Christmas shopping. Not my favorite thing to do but I hope I got everyone something they will like. That night we went to mom's for dinner. Spagetti, yummy! We took Kaylie to see the Christmas lights that Make a wish foundation puts on. It's too bad Kaylie fell asleep (she wasn't feeling good). That's about it! I know not very exciting but hey that's life. At least I didn't have any drama this week, well I better wait until after work to say that, LOL.

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Marci said...

LOL about "I love sleeping"! We never seem to realize how underrated sleep is until we become parents!