Thursday, December 21, 2006

Family Time!

Okay so my dad and stepmom (Kim) are here. YAY!!! Sorry, I just missed them so much. They'll only be here for a few days and then they'll head back to Oklahoma. We're going to have an early Christmas with them. I really hope they like their gifts. It's so hard to shop for them. Dad buys whatever he wants....well so does Kim, so you see why it's so difficult. Right?!?!

Anyway, Kaylie is staying the night tonight (she's asleep as I type). Actually I think I'm the only one left awake, LOL. Even Buster is snoring away. Kaylie wanted to go home earlier, but mom's sick so that was a no-no. She finally settled down and things were fine. She made me watch Veggie Tales, first time I've seen it. Not too bad for a kid movie. I'm just glad she didn't make me watch Lava girl and shark boy AGAIN (for the 6th time).

I made lasagna for dinner, YUMMY! See everyone, Christian's not the only cook in the family. Well, okay I confess, it was his recipe. But I executed it perfectly, if I do say so myself. Dad and Kim enjoyed it so that's all that matters. Kaylie.....well she doesn't like food that is mixed. She wouldn't try it at first, of course I had to bribe her. When she did try it, she liked it.

So all in all things went pretty good. Hope you all have a great night :)

P.S. Sorry if my grammar is terrible :P

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