Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This and that

This weekend Christian made cinnamon rolls. He is such a great cook, they were great. Yes I did help. Anyway, they were YUMMY.

We made a trip to target, one of my fav stores. Every time we go we end up spending way too much money. But it was stuff we needed. I like target more than Wally world anyway.

Our friend from work (Chad) gave us some of his wine to try. He made it and let me tell was great! I LOVED it. Christian liked it too of course. I have to remember to tell Chad how great it was. Maybe he will give us some more, LOL. Just kidding of course. But seriously it was good.
We had a great weekend, very relaxing. Well except for the trip to the mall. I'm not a fan of malls. Thankfully there weren't very many people. Christian has lost alot of weight so he needed some new stuff. I needed a dress, yes a dress. We are going to Fleming's Steakhouse at the end of this I needed something nice to wear. So with all that done time to go back to work, yuck. Not that I don't love my job, but you know how 'Mondays' are.

Thanks for reading my babble :o)

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senora_x said...

Wow, those cinnamon rolls look delicious!