Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day is my favorite holiday, and I had a great one. I hope you did too. Here are some photos of today and our happenings.

I got some amazing chocolates from Christian. They came all the way from FRANCE! JT hush it, I don't want to hear it, they are yummy.

We went to dinner at Fleming's Steakhouse and it was wonderful. I couldn't help it I had to take photos of the beautiful plates. The first one is our salad and the second photo was our cupcakes. Yes they tasted as good as they look......well due to the fact I didn't use a flash....the food was better! The cupcakes were red velvet with chocolate covered strawberries. YUMMY.

Kaylie made Christian and I cute cupcakes. How sweet is that? I have the best niece ever! I haven't tried them yet...but believe me I will.

Papa Ben got Kaylie this cute dog. It's as big as she is, and she loves it. Well I'll leave you with 2 photos from our trip. I thought the McStop sign was funny, I know weird sense of humor. And the second is from the theater, we couldn't take photos inside.

So I hope you had a great day! See ya later, night night :P

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