Saturday, March 10, 2007

4 years down

I've been working for the Federal Aviation Administration for four years now. Just 20 more to go, LOL. :P Not that I'm counting down.....yeah right, I am!!! LOL Okay enough cracking myself up. It's been good..... well mostly good. At least I have a job that I enjoy and that isn't totally boring. So all in all life is good :)

Mom officially adopted Kaylie on the 7th. It was a very long process (3 1/2 years I think). I will have pics uploaded in a few days. I think they had a party over my Aunt Betty's. Christian and I are having a small get together to celebrate. Hopefully Deanna and Hector can make it. Kaylie really likes Deanna, but who could blame her right?!?! Deanna is a sweetheart for all that don't know her.

Anyway, My mom heard from my Uncle Danny like a week ago. I haven't seen him or his family in a LONG time. I do remember visiting their house when I was younger. It was fun, I hope they're doing good. But back to my point, he has a cool website called Premier Video Productions. So check it out and tell your friends.

Well it's getting late/early so I'm logging off. Night night :)

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