Friday, March 16, 2007


Just droppin' in to say hi. Oh and to let you all know I finally got some colored hair extensions. I got light blue and hot pink. I don't have pics yet...but the bad part is, I only have 2 of each. They were more pricey than I thought they'd be. But at least I have 2 strikes and they clip in. If I really like them I might get some that are a little more permanent. We'll see :o)

I still don't have pics of the adoption. I take that back, I do have one but it's not a very good one. I'll ask mom for some from the party (afterward). So sorry for the delay.

Deanna, Hector, Mom and Kaylie came over last Tuesday. It was nice, we had steak tacos...YUMMY. Also got a cake from Lovejoy's Cake Shoppe. Let me just say it was so good. Anyway, we had a nice time I hope they did too.

Well gotta go. Have a lovely day :)

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Anonymous said...

We want photos!!!