Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Guam Photos

Cannons at Ft. Soledad

Inlaw's front yard

Christian and Addison

Coast line, somewhere

Sunset in the back yard

Carabao at Ft. Soledad

Christian drinking and driving (drinking a strawberry ice with tapioca, NO alcohol involved)

Us at the pool, Christian is fake smiling again.


cherie said...

nice shots! that sunset is beautiful.

Jane said...

some really nice shot!!! I love the sunset one and the coast line shot!!!

Barb said...

Some warm-weather pictures are just what I needed today!
Love that sunset, Tonya.

BR@NDY said...

Okay the sunset is amazing. Your photos are making me jealous...seriously your camera is awesome. miss you already!

Marsha "QT" said...

Cute picture of you and Christian!