Saturday, January 26, 2008



I finally went to the flying wienie. It was cool, the food was good. This is the plane that is on the roof.


I thought this sign was cute. Galena Illinois


The cool chicks I got to crop with. So much fun.


I would have taken a photo of the sign in the front yard. But it was too cold to go out. I feel so much safer with the alarm system.


One of my favorite meals. Yeah I know, simple but oh so yummy. The pizza is hot stuff from Godfather's Pizza. And you can't forget the beer.


Red Velvet cake, yummy. I know I take alot of photos of my food, but I can't help it. LOL


I made this canvas and thought I'd take a photo of it. Of course that was the only photo I took on Thursday. So it's my photo of the day.

I'll upload more later. Bye :)


Tracey said...

Great photos ,love the look of that food yummmmmmmm, I love the canvas too - cool work girl TFS :)

em said...

Fun photos!!! (Except the ugly one of me. Seriously. I think everyone and their mother has now seen what I look like in the morning w/out make up...and it's not a pretty sight!!)

I can't believe it was just last weekend...seems like a month ago!!

AgilityIG said...

T - you and I could totally eat together - except for the Flyin Weenie!! LOL. Love your canvas!! Keep up the great work - I love looking at your pictures.

Barb said...

Hooray for Girls' Weekend!
(Love that canvas, too. I'm working on one myself this afternoon.)

Rebecca said...

Love your photos! And the canvas is gorgeous!

BR@NDY said...

The canvas is awesome i think you found your forte! Very cool!

Josie said...

Love all your pics! That cake looks so yummy!! It was so fun to meet you...can't wait to do it again.