Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Put it on my tab....

We went to Pella the day before the Tulip Festival. I was a little disappointed with how many tulips were in bloom. Less than half were in full bloom. Oh well, the ones that were in bloom where beautiful.

This is where we get Dutch letters.

Also here is my wonderful table!

It has adjustable shelves, and a huge top.

Christian made a hole for trash. It's wonderful!!! (that's Christian demonstrating how to do it)

This is it all done. I love it! I have such a talented hubby.

This is a LO I did of Me, Jen, and Brandy. We all applied for a DT and we all were rejected. We all thought it was a good idea for a LO. lol

Not much else going on...except.......I can have dairy again!!!! My Dr. says it's okay. I'm so happy, I had Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream to celebrate. It was so freaking good. And get this, I didn't get sick so there! The other Dr. was wrong, sorry but I'm happy. I missed regular milk :)

I'm going to go look at a vespa tomorrow. Still not sure I'm going to get one. But I can still look right?



Irene aka scrapperlicious said...

Loveee the table!!! Your dh is really one very talented guy!!

BR@NDY said...

OMG THAT TABLE FREAKIN RAWKS! We need to schedule a scrappy we can test her out and all. I love, love, love our rejects page! I haven't had time to print the photos yet.

AgilityIG said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the table and the Rejects LO is AWESOME - you rock chickie!!

Beth M said...

Wow, what a fabulous table!

kathj said...

this is a lovely lo!

~Stephanie~ said...

Oh how lucky you are with that table!!! I love it.... if we had enough space for something like that - that is what I would want!!