Saturday, February 5, 2011

Not this and Not that

Well since my last update I've had a few ups and downs.

Day 6 hubby and I went to Bonefish Grill with some friends. I know restaurants are iffy. But they have a GF menu. Unfortunately I got gluten-ed. Not sure what happened, the only thing I can think of that might have been a problem...besides cross contamination (if that happened)...I had to have a side that the waitress said was GF. But it wasn't on the GF who knows. Maybe in a few months I'll try that restaurant again but I'll be a little more assertive. I know now I shouldn't have just believed the 'other' side was gluten free. Lesson learned.

Day 7- went out with my bestie, Brandy, for her Birthday. We went downtown to Starbucks to hang out. I asked the manager if they had anything to drink that was GF. She stated she didn't want the responsibility of telling me what was or wasn't GF. So I just had a bottled water. I totally understand her dilemma, so no coffee for me :(
Then we went to the south union bread company for lunch. Well you can imagine the problem just by the name of the place. But hey it was the Birthday girl's choice. So I got a salad that wasn't too bad. Thankfully one of the employees found out whether or not they had salad dressing that was GF. I really did appreciate her finding out.
Then we went to the mall to watch Black Swan (didn't like it) but we had some time to kill. I was starving so we went to the food court. Yeah, let's just say I wish I'd packed some snacks. Nothing at the food court would have worked, subway, pizza and such. Panera Bread was there and I know they have fruit so I thought that would work. When I asked an employee about GF stuff she got the manager. Well he was a total jerk. He just flat out said no, I tried to ask about fruit but he said no and walked off. So I went to Cheesecake factory and repeated the routine. Thankfully they were really great. The waiter helped me order and was very helpful. Crazy day...but I didn't get gluten-ed, so that's great.

On day 12 now and so far so good. The only thing that is kind of annoying is feeling like I'm always hungry. I guess that's better than not feeling up to eating, that's how it was before....

We have a Super Bowl party to go to and we're suppose to make appetizers. Hubby is making salsa and GF oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I'm just wondering what else I'm going to be able to eat. I can see how this is going to run my life. I don't really mind, but it is kind of depressing to think of my favorite things I can't have now. For example corn dogs, funnel cakes, oreos, french toast and chocolate covered cherries. But I guess that's all junk food so really it's better not to have them huh?

Well until next time :)


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