Monday, May 16, 2011

Smooth Operator

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I've been drinking a lot of smoothies lately, ever since Hubby got this blender from Costco. It's amazing! It's also a good reason to have pina colada and margarita parties. Pina Colada party was already a success... But that's not what we're talking about right now.

Smoothies, yummy and healthy. I'm starting to drink green smoothies, I know they are weird at first but you can't even taste the spinach or kale. So here are a few links to get you started. Don't worry you don't need a fancy blender, it just makes it easier.

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Lora teaches you how to make a green smoothie

Gluten-Free cat will help you transition to a gf diet with smoothies

Martha Stewart is always brilliant, how to make ahead smoothies. I'm going to try this.

How green smoothies can help with ache, wish I would have known this sooner.

More tid bits of info on green smoothies

Here are a few books I'm getting from the library, I'll let you know what I think of them:
-Green smoothies & other healthy smoothie recipes

-The Everything Green Smoothies book

-Green Smoothie Revolution

-Green for life

So far the only green smoothie Hubby & I have tried (recipe below) we loved. We just want to get our money's worth from our blender :)

1 Cup Carrots
2 Cups Spinach
2 Apples-cored
1 Cup OJ
2 Bananas
2 Cups Strawberries


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minna k.s. said...

yummy! smoothies and margaritas sound so good!