Friday, February 23, 2007

Hey peeps!

LOL, sorry just in a good mood. So lots going on...Kaylie now has an adoption date, March 7th. Woo Hoo, we've been waiting along time for it. I got an ipod! Christian is a sweetie (he surprised me with it on Thursday). I can't wait to figure out how to work it and to start downloading songs. I did find a neat skin for it. I know I said I didn't have a need for one.....but.....who says you have to get only things you NEED.
Works...well work. Of course someone at work did ask me: "does anyone actually read your blog?" My answer was...I do! LOL so if you're reading this than you can leave a comment so I have proof. Not much else that I want to share.
Have a great weekend :P


Anonymous said...

Nice blog as usual, TJ. I look forward to reading it every day!


SV said...

I read it too.


AMJ said...

I read it T!!!!!